Penny Patton: New “Building a Better #SecondLife” Post in Community Forum

22 May

First things first, if you’re in SL just to have fun, do that! Not everyone is building interactive environments for RP sims. Not everyone considers themselves a “professional” content creator, making a living selling avatar accessories on the marketplace. A lot of people just want to have fun slapping prims together and seeing what they can do.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with that and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

By all means read this post. If you learn something useful, fantastic! But don’t fret if my recommendations are outside your abilities.

This is primarily aimed at content creators, sim builders, and people who are comfortable slapping prims together, working with sculpts and mesh, and who want to get more out of SL.

Finally, I’m sure many of you have seen me talk about all of these things before. I’m also sure there’s many who haven’t. If even one person learns something new, then it’s worth sharing tips like these.

via Building a Better SL – Second Life.

Penny is very generous with her time and tips, and they are well worth reading whether you make stuff, or just like to enjoy well-made stuff other people make.

Here’s something that I myself am guilty of: the store-logo textured root prim:

Then there’s one more texture! Inside my head is a box with a 512×512 Wasabi Pills store logo on it. Neither the prim nor the texture are necessary, both are entirely hidden yet place just as much extra rendering burden on the videocards of everyone who can see me as if it were a giant box on my head.

People love those store logo root prims. I’m guilty of it, too. back when I was making avatar accessories before I got all efficiency con(s)cious. They’re unecessary and just add to the pile of things SL is trying to make your hardware render.

10:08 AM 5/22/2013 Lelani Carver blushes and resolves to remove textures from invizibul root prims.


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