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There’s No Such Thing as Bad Press: Steelhead Shops Participate in Steam IX Hunt

11 Mar

Hey! I got some press! Whaddya know!

The third shop on Steelhead is the dry goods shop found at Settlement 601 – St Helens Dry Goods Frontier Supplies, Steelhead St Helens (68, 156, 38). St. Helens Dry Goods is Shop #117 in the Hunt. They offer a very good cup of expresso to visitors, which I enjoyed while I looked around.
They have all the items you might expect in a dry goods store, including a little furniture, some lamps, a variety of hats, and even gentlemen’s walking sticks. Plan to spend a few minutes looking around this quaint shop.

via SL Newser – Fashion: Steelhead Shops Participate in Steam IX Hunt

Aw, that’s a very nice article. The other Steelhead shops in STEAM IX are Lumi’s shop Luminous Designs [Steelhead St Helens (214, 33, 37)] and Searra Weatherwax’s shop SparkWorks [Steelhead (149, 224, 25)]

Hurray for STEAM IX, and hurray for Steelhead, says I. My hunt item isn’t hard to find… this time around I get a list of visitors (and hurray for that).

Stop by my shop, click on the big STEAM IX sign to the left of the door, and get started on the hunt – it ends March 31.

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