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Pocket Metaverse no more?

15 Dec

Oh no! I use Pocket Metaverse a LOT on the road!

Inara Pey: Living in a Modem World

PM-logoUpdate: As per the comment from AI Austin below, those who have previously purchased Pocket Metaverse can currently still update the the latest version / obtain a replacement version through iTunes.

Pocket Metaverse has been a text-based client available for iPad and iPhone users to access Second Life and engage with friends through chat and IM, manage inventory, teleport, make payments, etc.

It was last updated on September 8th, 2015, ostensibly providing compatibility with iOS 9, although in the process, this appeared to break support for iOS 7 and 8.

During November the download page for Pocket Metaverse vanished from Apple’s app listings on the iTunes store and so is no longer available to those wishing to download it for the first time, a fact more widely noted earlier in December. While the dedicated web site for the application remains live, searches of iTunes still fail to yield any results.

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NEW Chameleonic Holiday Fedora – 1LI

15 Dec

Celebrate the holidays in style with this fun and festive green fedora. The hat band looks like a candy cane – and after the holidays, you can retexture with any tileable or horizontal textures you have. Change the band and wear it for St Patrick’s Day, too.

Source: Second Life Marketplace – @LC@ Chameleonic Holiday Fedora 2015

It’s just a simple hat – but at 1LI, it won’t bring the sim to its knees at the big holiday bash.

This is my first mesh product and I did my best to optimize it – expect a long post later about the process, which involved much tearing out of prim hair and procrastinating. Enjoy!