Sansar Marketplace – 60 Day Marvelous Designer Free Trial Announced

23 Dec

Sansar has come a long way since we first caught wind of the project. In 2015, Linden Lab, the company behind the wildly successful Second Life virtual life simulator, saw the potential of virtual reality and set out to develop a successor to Second Life that would take advantage of modern graphics technology.

Word is getting out to surprising places – Tom’s Hardware, sellers of high end graphics cards – stands to sell some upgrades to Sansar users.,36138.html

I got the email from Linden Labs announcing the extended free trial of Marvelous Designer for Sansar users. The new virtual world project by LL has an integrated version of MD for clothing tweaks (which is needed due to poke-through problems).

It seems likely that some bigger designers will migrate or branch into Sansar, and also likely that fashionistas will migrate to Sansar to play with tweaking their own clothes.

But many have a lot invested in mesh bodies and heads, too. Not sure how it will work out. If the fashion bloggers and customers who power much of the SL economy decide to abandon the older platform for the New Pretty, the mesh builders and designers may feel the pull.

I don’t have any interest in exploring or marketing in Sansar. I need less fragmentation in my virtual selves, not more. I doubt my simple fedoras or top hats will get much play there, and I’m no fashion designer.

I wonder how others feel about it.

Sansar Marketplace – 60 Day Marvelous Designer Free Trial Announced was originally published on Chameleonic Possessions

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