The Essential Nalates Urriah Saved My Second Life (Again).

10 Jun

Calla Cela got settings for NVIDIA card, specifically her 970, from NVIDIA tech support. She made this handy video. Using it I decided to check my settings it has been forever since I looked at them. zOMG! When the Lindens changed the install folder name, (like L O N G ago) my SL setup apparently went away…

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NVIDIA Settings 2016 | Nalates’ Things & StuffNalates’ Things & Stuff was originally published on Chameleonic Possessions

Photo from Second Life – “Damage Control Day 2, in Second Life” via Flickr

Still here in Second Life. After recovering from a catastrophic goof with my sales vendors in August, I carried on with the Digital Farming Systems inworld game, which involves a lot of hopping on cows and virtually “cooking” nonsensical things to sell. I had really enjoyed being a little kitty farmer with my cows and sheep on the hill, but all through last summer, I just went with my standard “Steampunk Farmer” outfit because it was less laggy.

Some time before the holidays in November or December, I took a break as there was a lot going on.


And that was BEFORE the pandemic and other complications happened in First Life. Not only that, suddenly in April I found myself with unlimited free time, and I still didn’t want to log in or work on learning Blender (where I’d made more progress before stalling again).

For one thing, it seemed important to cope with reality in a more helpful way, so I taught myself to sew, bought a sewing machine, and donated masks to friends and family (also to raise money for a charity). It’s been a mind-saver.

For another thing, my dear spouse kindly upgraded my desktop machine to Windows 10, and I was disinclined to work through all the changes, figure out where stuff was, and reinstall stuff that didn’t make it across the technical divide.

Fortunately, all of my photos and graphics files made it; for a shocked moment of sheer horror, I thought they had all been lost, but thanks be to Gates, I found them in their new home and reorganized the shit out of them. They are now an efficient flat structure. I can now create a vendor texture for a DFS product to sell in under 5 minutes. I did request that Dear Spouse set me back up with Windows Office, as it has several fonts that I always use in Second Life for my vendors and sales listings on the SL Marketplace blah de blah blah fishcakes.


I had gotten some inquiries from fellow virtual farmer-addicts about selling off some of my DFS inventory, but couldn’t face the thought of going through all of the folders – they were pretty organized but there was just a LOT of stuff, way too many products and ingredients and tools.

But selling my farm? I had really enjoyed building it up and had put in thousands of hours messing with scripted gadgets and arranging things for maximum efficiency.

It seemed like letting it go was the best thing, as I wasn’t doing anything with it and didn’t feel like “hopping on cows” and other scripted critters every day just to keep them “alive.” I thought to myself, “I’ll downsize. Just a few fields, and only put out a few things that required care.”


I’m happy with letting Chameleon Farm go to its new owner; I really did downsize a LOT (reducing mainland holdings by more than half), and will be reducing the number of paid accounts in my land group. I spent too much time trying to figure out what it was all worth in total, but accepted a lump sum and was able to clear the parcel with the new owner and transferred the tools, animals, plants, trees, and extras that were part of the total.

Of course, as soon as I got back to my workshop (still a pretty good size parcel) I thought…”well, I can put down some DFS stuff that wasn’t part of the sale.” There were some inactive fields in the workshop (I’d been using it as overflow or adjunct production) and I started to think about “minimal DFS farming.” I had a lot of ingredients and produce to work with that didn’t go in the sale, and I wanted to sell those off, and only maintain a small number of essential core products that other DFS farmer/addicts always need, in bulk.


And now to the title topic; with the change to Windows 10, I had lost all the special graphics settings that were in the NVIDIA graphics manager for my GeForce 1060 6GB card. There are some calculations that you really want to hand off to your graphics card rather than have your SL viewer handle it though your CPU, or download from the cloud server. I was getting a piffling 10 FPS that sometimes went up but mostly slowed to a crawl, with frequent black-screen crashes. So I worked through Nalates’ suggestions (I’ve already seen the video, the gist is in Nalates’ excellent clarification). Some of the settings, I had to make my best guess, based on my preference for quality over speed.

Logged back in to do some textures downloads that had stopped cold before, and Holy MOLY, framerates up to 60-80 FPS. No more waiting for grey goo to resolve; shadows and lighting look fantastic. I should have done this a week ago.

Thank you, Nalates Urriah, for saving my Second Life again. Every time I lose those settings, I have to go hunting for that blog post.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got some more inventory to sort and sell (including the stuff I bought today to replace one or two wee things I let go in the sale).


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