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Cycles For Haters

24 Mar

I’m one of those “remaining users” that hates Cycles. When I see it mentioned on a help forum, I stop reading. When I watch a help video, I stop watching. Yet thanks to reading Blender site feeds, I’m tolerably familiar with the latest developments… and I KNOW the old Blender Internal engine is going away in a coming release.

All I need is the ability to bake out AO, maybe normals, and possibly a basic materials map with painted on details.


“How to use cycles even if you hate cycles(as I did)” – BlenderNation
— Read on www.blendernation.com/2018/03/24/how-to-use-cycles-even-if-you-hate-cyclesas-i-did/

Cycles For Haters was originally published on Chameleonic Possessions