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Men’s Green Velvet Shamrock Vest with 2 Shirts – MESH

14 Mar

Men's Green Velvet Shamrock VestMen’s Green Velvet Shamrock Vest

Happy St Patrick’s Day! Wear your Green Velvet Shamrock Vest to celebrate the wearing of the green, wear it any time of the year as the pattern is subtle.

via <a href=”https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/LC-Green-Velvet-Shamrock-Vest-and-2-Shirts-MESH/6936978?id=6936978&amp;slug=LC-Green-Velvet-Shamrock-Vest-and-2-Shirts-MESH”>Second Life Marketplace – @LC Green Velvet Shamrock Vest and 2 Shirts – MESH</a>.

My first foray into mesh clothing kits – I redid the textures on the outer and inner vest (the outer green velvet is my texture, the inner one is a beautifully detailed velvet pattern that was given out full perm). 

There are TWO mesh shirts, alphas for all, and the alpha textures if you need to tweak for your shape (especially on the bottom layer.

I’ve also included an alpha so that the vest can be worn with bare arms or system shirts.