Future Projects in OpenSim: TJ Texture Junction Textures #SecondLife

29 Mar

Thank goodness for generous EULAs.

Whee! TJ-Texture Junction’s policies allow use in any world, so the textures I already bought (and love) can be used on my projects in Open Sim.

“You are free to use my textures in builds in SL or any other world just please do not resell them as textures…” – Texture Junction/Philomena Steampunk

This is a huge help. Just looking at these textures helps me “see” what I could do with my Expo project. I also got some templates that will spiff up the basic ones that are widely (too widely) available in OS.

This makes the second NPC figure/model for the expo show a lot easier to polish up. I need to tweak the top hat – it needs more brim curve and the upper part needs a little extra oomph. The “clockade” part is going to get some other stuff added as I go.

Once I get the exhibit up, the outfit will be set up on Kitely market.

Future Projects in OpenSim: TJ Texture Junction Textures #SecondLife was originally published on Chameleonic Possessions


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